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2013 Convention Life of Mutual Killing! Dangan Ronpa Cosplay Gathering!

Upupupu! Happy Con Season you Bastards!

Due to it's growing popularity online, and to celebrate the tentative release
date of the Anime this year, I wanted to host Anime Expo's 2013
Dangan Ronpa Cosplay Gathering! It will be tons of fun and a
great way to meet up with other fans of the series!

Feel free to discuss the series here also! But also keep in mind, this
is a Spoiler Free Zone! sincenot everyone has finished
Dangan Ronpa & Super Dangan Ronpa 2! Thank you for your consideration

Date: Friday, July 5th
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Site 3 - Staircase behind West Hall on Pico blvd.

Please message me if you are interested and available to help run the gathering!
Current Gathering Volunteers:
- Annalyn (Touko Fukawa | Genocider Syo)

- - -
Character List:
Dangan Ronpa:

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

This list is subject to change without notice, so please keep yourself updated!
Thanks! Let's strive to do our best today!

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