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Thank you, Blood Sword! I got the whole situation figured out and she did mean haori and t was just lost in translation!~ Though muahaha, She found the whole Hijikata cosplay and it looks way more accurate then the one I'm using now, plus its only 10$ more then the haori by itself so I'm just gonna get that.~~~ Sorry I'm really existed now.

I can't wait for the end of the month now!~ One being finally done with this semester and two being I'm doing a wig order!~ Can't wait for my Kent and Garry wigs, also I'll have time to work on my Garry coat. >.>;;; Also, it seems I've got my Mom and Stepdad into my hunt for a white suit and green coat at goodwill/savers. My Mom liking the white suit idea and my stepdad wanting to keep me from ripping up my Dino coat for Nagito. lol
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