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Manic Mazoku
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Dear Pokemon, trainers, Grunts and old men who have problems telling ones gender,

The Digimon and Digidestined respectfully challenge you to a rematch on the soccer field, Sunday of Anime Next.

Same time and place as always.


PS: Tai says "BRING IT, RED"
Otakon 2014:
Digimon- Daisuke/Davis, Pj Daisuke, possible surprise cosplay
Gundam Wing: Duo Maxwell:, Trowa Barton OZ
Inazuma Eleven: Kazemaru, possibly Katora if I finish her
Sailor Moon: Naru Osaka/Molly/Princess Venus
Symphogear: Amou Kanade (hopefully...)
Hunter X HunterL Illumi Zoaldyk
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