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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
Isn;t Lost Girl horribly censored compared to the Canadian version (avail on Netflix!) and most of the shows you mentioned are over/cancelled? SyFy REALLY needs some original programming that ISNT reality TV/wrasslin/ GHOST BRAHS!/lost to the BBC.
I'm not sure how censored it is on Syfy compared to the original Canadian version. After some quick Googling, apparently it looks like US shows have shorter airtime so they cut stuff for that, supposedly? I don't know. I watch it on Syfy, and it still has some cussing (and by that I mean words such as "shit", no f-bombs, although I'm not sure if they say that in the Canadian version), and there's still some lesbian sex scenes, but I'm not sure if they're edited or not. As a straight girl, I don't care enough to watch both versions side-by-side and see if the lesbian sex scenes are edited or not lol

And I agree, Syfy needs more actually real shows, which is why I'm excited about Defiance.

Also, I remember when Eureka was renewed for six more episodes and then they were revoked and the show was canceled. I remember reading that the reasoning behind that was that it's cheaper for the network to make six new pilots of ghost shows/reality shows/whatever than to make six episodes of a show that requires actors, expensive sets, etc.

Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
but I've made it a point NOT to cosplay something until I'm familiar with the character.
For real. I cosplay from the games I do because I like those games. You know, because I PLAY THE GAME and go "wow that game was rad, I should cosplay from it!" I would feel weird to cosplay from something I haven't played yet, whether it was released or not. Half the fun of cosplay is chatting with other fans of the game.

Originally Posted by UNIT0918 View Post
Finally finished Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Mind blown once again. Now I'm ready for Ace Attorney 5! So while I'm waiting, maybe I should play Ace Attorney: Investigations.
I don't remember if I posted about this yet or not, but have you seen Apollo in Ace Attorney 5 yet? He looks badass. I'm not even a fan of his character, but I love his new design. It makes me really curious. Also, there's a fan theory going around that

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
Apollo is the new prosecutor
that I really hope ends up being true. Spoiler tag just in case, even though it's all just theories and speculation. But you have no idea how much I want it to be true!
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