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Originally Posted by Shirley<3Lulu View Post
Yeah, it will! Can you tell me what I should be expecting from VidCon? c:
Vidcon has gotten bigger every year, and so has the level of craziness, but it's not that bad. It's very well organized, but your experience will only be as good as you plan. In a couple months the full itinerary should be posted onto the Vidcon website so you can know exactly what panels are occurring and where they will be.

I don't know if you've ever been to the convention center before or not, but the ground floor consists or two primary purposes. The first being the stores and sponsors section, filled with lots of great merchants, prizes, and more. It's a great place to spend hours hanging out and meeting new people. In fact, the larger Youtubers usually do their signings and meetups there! (lines can be a couple hours long depending on who you meet, but sometimes you can catch them walking around like I do. Unless it's one particular person you REALLY want to meet, you'll probably catch them at some point later on anyways).

The second purpose is the Main Stage, which is down a hall and is a big circular room, sorta like a hockey ring. That is where content by big and medium Youtubers are done live nearly all day long (that will also be on the website. The website will be like your tv guide).

Lastly for now, Vidcon has a couple more floors used for all the panels. Personally I would chart out where you want to be all day long and roughly follow it. I personally find it best to commit to a couple must have panels, and then feel out the rest accordingly. Most of my best experiences happened just walking around and meeting people! If Youtube celebs are your thing, I managed to meet several big Youtubers every year, in most cases just walking around and finding a smaller crowd of people around them. Now most know me as they are not pressured to make me leave so the next person in line can talk to them. As a video creator, I focused less on autographs and pictures with them, but instead had certain questions I asked each different Youtuber. They appreciated it a lot, and now they know me.

It's all relative to what you want to do while you are there, and I have a different answer for each experience, but I feel strong about what I said here. Just know that if meeting any Big Youtuber is on your list, make sure that if you catch them walking around with a couple people that appear to be friends, they are probably heading somewhere specific (like the bathroom) so it's best to let them be. Other then that, it's an amazing place, and I could go on and on about it. That's actually where we got our channel partnered last year! It's a magical place.

Also, bring a backpack and a couple snacks and water. It helps a ton. Plus you get so much free stuff so quickly you don't know hat to do with it (I think I got about 10 free shirts last year. That helps pay the bill!).
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