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Originally Posted by DarkFujin View Post
For real. I cosplay from the games I do because I like those games. You know, because I PLAY THE GAME and go "wow that game was rad, I should cosplay from it!" I would feel weird to cosplay from something I haven't played yet, whether it was released or not. Half the fun of cosplay is chatting with other fans of the game.
It kills me that you haven't gone to a PAX yet. Then again, there's a chance we would find you curled over in the beanbag handheld lounge, nursing yourself back to health from "Feels overload".

Anywho GAMES

I beat Tomb Raider last night, and it was a very good game, and a reboot that worked. It's just a shame I played it post-Bioshock Infinite, where I was very much spoiled by fantastic story telling. Don't worry Lara, you're still my boo.

Also Arkham City Origins is a thing that is happening, a thing that is happening w/o Rocksteady for some reason.
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