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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Started Tomb Raider. Linear action games are never going to be my favorite kind, but so far it's pretty fun. It's already better than AC3. Graphics are gorgeous. Controls are really nice. QTEs are used annoyingly. Despite the grim-dark, I have a hard time taking the story very seriously right now. I'm not concerned about "protecting" Lara. She's kicking ass just fine. Game says that I'm 25% complete so it's going pretty fast. Right now I'd give it a B.
The game is very heavy on the QTE's early for some reason, but it kind of lightens up as it goes on. And keep in mind you can use fast traveling to explore past areas for tombs and collectibles, I actually had a ton of fun doing that.

Also yeah, the game is great on a techincial level, but the story, while better than 75% of the past Tomb Raider games just by existing alone, is not a strong point of the game. There's some decent character building for the young Ms. Croft, and some geniunely good moments for her in the game, but nothing new if you haven't seen "The Descent". It's very much an action game with a good female lead.
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