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Yeah, they've really tapered off so that's good. I don't hate QTEs on principle, but I get zero satisfaction out of killing a bad guy with one button press. The fact that you die gruesomely if you miss just adds insult to injury..
Violent death's were always a part of TR, but the next gen-shine has definetly kicked them up a notch. But yeah slight techincal spoiler, the last 3 "boss" characters require some manner of QTEs, at least on normal.

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I'm really impressed with the control scheme. It's pretty deep but super simple. You spend zero time fussing with menus.
The Arkham games were listed as inspiration for TR's controls, which if you're gonna cope something from those games, it's that. [/quote]

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My biggest problem is that you are always getting hammered by the enviroment to the point where it's laughable. Every building collapses; you fall off a mountain like every 5 min. But I always have this problem in games that are going for more "realism". I have an easier time suspending disbelief when things are more stylized.
We'll discuss the later more once you wrap it up, but YEAHHHHHHHH, TR is Michael Bayish in a lot of areas.

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I'm enjoying the game more now that I went up to Hard mode. On Normal, I could pretty much mindlessly blast my way to victory. On Hard I have to think more about weapon choice, conserve ammo and use the enviroment. It makes the game a lot more fun.
I should do a Hard run. Once you start tricking Lara out the game becomes a tad broken.
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