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Oh, you are right about the skin colour in your description and I guess you've really got the attitude to cosplay him. Looks really natural . I'd like to see a fullshot some time of the whole cosplay^^.
Besides interesting choice xD. Except for HDWM Tsuna you seem to like the more easygoing ones, don't you?

Cool that you got back into the mood.
For Mukuro I have to agree, but for Hayato again it feels like an outfit where he overdid it a little xD. I rather prefer to cosplay that one some day and his Colore TYL version. But maybe I'm just a little prude.
But I have to admit I like Lal's clothes in this series of artworks and maybe if I ever do a casual version of her this would be really nice. So many thanks .

Oh, she looks awesome and cute! Suits Lambo quite well.^^ I'm looking forward to the finished version.

Besides I'm finished and already have test-worn my Melone base version and I'm quite happy with the result.
Already working at one of my next projects for Hanami next month and yes I'm so crazy after finishing my boxes to make boxes again. ^^'' This time for Lal. But I'm very happy that she's only got two and that they are much more simple to make. Possibly going to make her top today and the arm cuff.
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