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Mykaios Review

Before I start, I just wanted to apologize for the long read, but I feel I must be detailed with this.

Name of Commissioner:
Mykaios a.k.a "Fate/COSPLAY"

Website / gallery:

Character commissioned:
Nanoha's staff - "Raising Heart" (Movie version.)

Series / Video game:
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Absolutely none.

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
8 months and counting. I paid her in the beginning of September.

Describe your Experience:
Well, this was my first time ever commissioning someone and it was for my first convention - so yea I was pretty damn excited. Mykaios was the first to email me back, she was pretty nice, and she seemed excited to work on my order. She acted professionally, even giving out an order form/contract to sign. My first deadline was Halloween - October 31st. I paid her the first half of the total on September 10th, 2012 and began my wait. Mykaios promised to send my progress photos in mid-October. Then it all just went downhill from here.

October 25th - I asked for a progress picture. And she says "she needs a sunny day to take a picture", which I just found weird. But promised to get one over the weekend and ship it out. I paid her the last half of my order out of excitement. (HUGE mistake on that part.) She guarantees the 28th. On her facebook she posts that she will be trying to ship out everything for the next few days.

October 31st - Nothing. Then she says the week after Halloween once the weather clears up she'll ship it. But she was shipping out other things for the past few days, why not mine?

November 16th - I still have nothing to show. No pictures, or anything. She tells me she had surgery recently, but what happened to that previous week she'd ship it? Then I find out other people received their items that month...

November 23rd - I started to get kinda tense over this, but tried not to worry as my actual convention wasn't until March and surely I'd have it by then. I gave her my texting number so she could get a picture of it that way. She agreed that would be much easier on her. Again, Mykaios promised shipping and pictures in the next few days and I got nothing.

December 4th - She tells me she has been trying to find a replacement part for the staff that was too small and didn't paint right so she'll be trying to find one while out Christmas shopping. (But it was all ready and set to go a month earlier?) Then she says she can't find a red sphere anywhere during Christmas season. Which I say would be kinda impossible for the time.

December 14th - Mykaios informs me that another one of her packages she sent out got damaged, so she wanted to put insurance on mine so it wouldn't be the same. I gave her some useful links to try and speed up this process... So I had to wait for her to order it after the Holidays and such. I really started to lose my grip here.

Now it starts to get ridiculous.

January 17th - She says she'll ship it out next week with pictures and such AGAIN. It wouldn't be until the week after I'd message her again because the week inbeween she had been posting plenty of pictures of her pony scarfs and hats but my picture is nowhere to be seen. Time and time again she had been promising pictures "as soon as possible." I just had to counter it this time.

January 23rd - Still waiting, and I emailed her again. An argument ensues. This time she tells me ALLL about her Katsucon convention troubles in detail and also that she has three weeks to ship my commission out. She tells me she has no room to take a picture of it inside even though she was posting pictures of her desks and such filled with pony scarf materials. I even gave her some suggestions to take a picture of it easier, such as just taking a picture of a part of it or wherever she stores it at the moment. It did not have to be the most glamorous picture ever. I just wanted proof it exists; albeit I was angry at the time of posting.

She does pay for a post office label though, shipment dated for the 24th. Through Priority which should only take 3 days at most. Maybe NOW I will finally get it?

February 8th - Still nothing. Another email. She claims the package "got lost." I repeat to her again my concerns for the past months. She did NOT send it with insurance even though she said she would back in December because of the size of my commission. She claims she was even missing packages before mine and still did not insure it. The tracking never went past "Electronic label received."

I wanted to see if I could find the package myself, so I went and contacted the USPS on my own, and they said they didn't even RECEIVE the package at their post office! I demanded a refund and she absolutely refused me one. Not even a partial even though she has refunded people before. But she did offer to remake it.

February 20th - My convention is in the next week or so, one last piece of hope that I could get my staff before then still stands. I told her I needed it by the first of March, even though I wasn't leaving until the 14th. Why should I be giving her extra time anymore is beyond me.

March 7th - She tells me it will be done by the time I get back (next week, according to the date I told her) and she'll be shipping it then WITH pictures. I left for my con that following Thursday. No surprises here.

March 20th - I came back from my con just hoping that I would of received some kinda of mail at all. Now she tells me she'll be sending it out the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

April 2 - Mykaios tells me she has her backlog of all pictures to be posting up, so why isn't she posting them already? She's making lots of text posts on her facebook, even long ones of apologizing from NOT posting the pictures. But still no actual pictures. If you have the time to make a status and post, just upload the pictures in the same timespan!

April 12th - Today. I'm writing this review. I am fed up of excuses. Tired of waiting, and sick of hearing empty promises again and again. One last email and now she says her lights are broken so she can't take pictures and her cards were stolen. But she's pretty fast to post pictures of her broken lights themselves.

Now here's my thought on this: she can't take a picture of it inside because her lights are broken, but before she said she didn't have the room to take one inside anyway, so why does it matter? I tell her to go outside and take a picture there. She has not replied to my email since this afternoon.

Replied fast for the most part, she was nice. Acted professional.

She claims she does not spend any of the commission money until things are posted and shipped, but she will absolutely refuse to refund you. So what is the point here?

Won't send an easy text or pictures, but will post pictures of everything else that are not her commissions. She admits to not posting pictures and being behind on them, but instead of explaining, how about just posting them instead?

For something that should of only been taking a few weeks at most, I am still sitting here eight months later with NOTHING besides her apologizes and her empty promises. It was I first who contacted her numerous times about updates. She has missed both my deadlines, many months apart even. And Mykaios has given me nothing for it.

At this rate, I'll probably never see one lick of it. Ever. She has stolen my money and does not plan to give it back.

I will be happy to send anyone the emails of which I have archived if no one believes my experience. I regret commissioning her whole-heartedly. Mykaios says she has good reviews on her Etsy and places, but I have seen the negative ones out there all similar to my situation. Those were taken down after they were resolved. I just hope by posting this review that SOMETHING will be done about this. The situation is just plain ridiculous.

Final Grade: F

Even if she does send it out or get pictures, my review will still stand.
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