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Another update as well. About the After Dinner.

To make it easier on site, I'm going to implement some sort of "Pre-Register" for the Dinner. It will give us a good list of the amount we will be coming and if we are reaching a limit. Which in turn, would make Freight's life and his side of planning a lot easier.

So, at this point, if you want to attend the After Dinner, send me an PM, with you and whomever of your friends are in your group. I'm also going to create an event on FB and post it on my DeviantArt.

When it gets closer to the Con, I will send out Invitations to everyone whom fits.

LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!! I hope everyone's cosplays are turning out well! Can't wait to see everyone make it!!!!!
Scarlet Impaler Cosplay
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