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I'm planning on Amane from Dream C Club, Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 and Sam/Castiel from Supernatural this year! I'm still not completeley sure what days I'll be cosplaying who yet though... If anyone is cosplaying from the same show/game feel free to message me! I think it would be awesome to meet up with a few people at AN this year cosplaying from the same anime/game/show!
Upcoming conventions / cosplays for 2013
Anime North May 24th-26th
- Amane [Dream C Club] [100% complete]
- Ada Wong [Resident Evil 4] [85% complete]
- Sam Winchester / Fem Castiel [Supernatural] [90% complete]

Atomic Lolipop (August 2nd-4th) & Fan Expo (August 23rd-26th)
~*~ Possible cosplays, not for sure ~*~
- Kuroyukihimi [Accel World]
- Re-l Mayer [Ergo Proxy]
- Fem. Link [Legend of Zelda]
- Miku Hatsune
- Mitsuru Kirijo [Persona 3]
- Sailor Neptune [Sailor Moon]
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