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Winry Rockbell wig - Making the side bangs fuller?

So, a while back, I bought an Arda Wig in Jasmine for my Winry cosplay, and after a bit of styling, it looked like this.

Since then, I've managed to fix and straighten out the bangs, but I'm having some issues with the chunks of longer hair on the side (side bangs? idk what they're called honestly)

As you can tell, they're very thin in comparison to how I want them to look. They should be thicker, almost reaching the front of the ears. But, as of right now, the wig's side bangs don't even cover the hairline because they're so thin.

I don't want to have to pull any hair out of the ponytail to make them thicker because I might ruin the wig itself. What else can I try to achieve the look I want? Should I buy wefts and sew them to the top or sides of the wig?
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