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Originally Posted by Conchobear View Post
xD I'd love to see Sasha cosplayed.
I was highly considering cosplaying someone from the series.
I haven't figured anything out yet but I want my harness system to actually work if I can manage it.
For the weapons, I might use Bike brakes as part of it and have wooden swords in a most likely wooden sheath. I have yet to put any effort into it but I can keep you updated if you like.
GO FOR IT! The more, the merrier! I love the way you're thinking, but for me personally wood can't be an option for the sheaths. That would be way too heavy for me to wear just suspended from my waist. Bike brakes, though, hmm; there's something there. That's possible.

Originally Posted by LluviaSarcasm View Post
I was considering doing either Ymir or Mikasa, as I think they're both badass. x3
THEY ARE! I wanted to be Mikasa since she's so recognizable, but I can't be that serious all day. I'd rather eat potatoes and be a goof. I am excited to meet all the recruits in the next episode.
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