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Originally Posted by emmisu View Post
The pinstripe pants would add accuracy, but I don't know that they look better. That's up to you.

The only thing I'd say makes it look more costume than reality is that it's incredibly clean.
I'd say, some roughed up hairsprayed hair and maybe rough up your garments a bit (just some dirt or run sandpaper over some parts) would really help this to look authentic.
Hmm, i'm not sure, he would have been fairly pristine at the start, but given he has a bandage on I would agree. You could ruff up the costume a bit and maybe put some fake blood on the hand bandage.

edit: I just replayed the ending (which really is a mess in both execution, from the point of game mechanics and thematically), but my point is you can see Booker at the end and his clothes are still pristine, so roughing them up isn't necessary unless one thinks it will look better as a result. The only other thing I think I could add is his bandage isn't white. But that is a small probably insignificant detail.

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