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Originally Posted by Akahime View Post
I agree with what both bodatheyoda and Ashurachan said. Also, I find it super helpful to have another someone who isn't one of the models or the photographer, but just like someone as in a friend of the cosplay model(s) and someone who more or less knows about the character(s) standing around the photoshoot area. They're really great at spotting things that both the model and the photographer would not notice since we're sooo busy focusing on the photographing itself. I always encourage to have other people like friends or even my family to come and make sure things go smoothly because I know I hate it when there is something that needed fixed and neither the cosplayer and myself noticed after the photoshoot.

Having an extra set of eyes during photoshoots are a godsend for us photographers. They can help with wig untangling, posing suggestions, and costume/wig fixes. Sometimes we get so engrossing in "getting the shot" that we might kind of not notice those kind of issues until it is too late.
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