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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Finished Tomb Raider. Final opinion - excellent. I had a few minor quibbles beyond general problems with the genre, but they were very minor and not worth enumerating. If it had a harder setting than Hard, I might play it again; seeing as it doesn't, I won't. Will definitely play the next one.
Awesome. So query, did you grab the weapon executions? Becase man, THOSE were brutal.

Originally Posted by IndigoMittens View Post
I've recently been playing throughout the Mass Effect series (mostly the second one). I'm already so attached to the characters ;_;
Yeah, that will happen.

Wrapped up my 2nd Fire Emblem run, this time taking 27 hours. Meaning I've put about 50-60 hours into this game in 2 months. I need to finish up the rest of my 3DerpS backlog before picking up WeeGee mansion. It's only 2 games though, so it won't be that bad.

Started XCOM: Enemy Unknown last night on the PC and yeah, that's what's up?
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