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Wearing chakras for cosplay

A bunch of my friends and I are intended on cosplaying from Saiyuki for a few upcoming cons. The problem is that Genjo Sanzo, Konzen Douji, and Taishou Kenren all have marks on their foreheads. The comic specifies that Sanzo's and Konzen's marks are a red chakra. Kenren's looks like it may be a tattoo.

However, I know there is a lot of controversy about wearing chakra when in a cosplay setting. Can anyone:
1. Offer up a decent way of applying a chakra like Sanzo's or Konzen's, and making sure it stays on?
2. Explain if there are any complications or situations that we should be aware of?
3. Tell me if there's something that we could potentially mess up and make people highly offended?
4. Offer an opinion on whether or not Kenren's mark is a tattoo or a chakra?
5. If it is a tattoo, would something like AA make up or Ben Nye be more practical to stay on a forehead?

Thank you so much in advance to anyone willing to help out in this matter. Sorry if this isn't the right section of the forum to ask these questions!

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