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Originally Posted by ichigo_m. View Post
And while I don't see anything offensive in it as a costume (or as a style statement honestly),I am not Hindu nor am I of Indian decent, and thus can't really say. However I have seen some people who take extreme offence at non-Hindus wearing Bindis. Here's a good source.

Just be careful. You don't want people like going after you. (Though I do suggest reading her links, if you want to know more)

I actually think that second link is the blog I was looking at initially to see how wearing it would be received.

If it wasn't a central, important part of Sanzo's costume (he's a priest with the honor of wearing a red mark on his forehead, and it's a bit of a plot point occasionally), I'd say we could skip it, but in this case, it seems pretty important. However, if it's a problem to wear one, then it would most likely be a problem to do anything similar to it, which means painting one on or using AA instead of traditional Bindi applications would still probably be just as offensive.

Hm. I'm really not sure what to do at this point. It seems like a lose/lose situation, in all honesty: wear one, offend people, and get hate mail or don't wear one and do a seldom-cosplayed character without a very important aspect of his costume...

Sort of dead end, really, unless someone has some other information, I'm not entirely sure what to do.

Thank you so much for your answers so far, though!!

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