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Originally Posted by CosplayerJJ View Post
You don't need a Greece?
No we are not currently looking for one. We have quite the cast already and don't want it to be crazy big so we are only looking for auditions for those listed to complete the "main cast" of axis/allies and characters they closely and frequently interact with (ex: we want a prussia but would prefer we get a germany as well, though a solo prussia will still be accepted since we have france and spain to complete the btt)
Cosplay Plans
AX 2014
  • Blue Beetle - Young Justice
  • Snake - Kuroshitsuji
  • Souda Kazuichi - SDR2
  • Carver Hawke - DA2
  • Bolin - LoK
  • Leon and/or Souda - DR/SDR2
  • ?????????
PMX 2014
  • Marco Bodtt - SNK
  • Secret Cosplay
  • something JoJo????

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