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[quote=A Grue;4653980]GO FOR IT! The more, the merrier! I love the way you're thinking, but for me personally wood can't be an option for the sheaths. That would be way too heavy for me to wear just suspended from my waist. Bike brakes, though, hmm; there's something there. That's possible.

I was thinking about doing this for a convention in October, I don't really resemble any of the manga/anime characters, so i am gonna just be me, but try and come up with a bit of back story

as for the sheaths, i will be using foam board, and possibly fiberglass,

the 3D maneuver units vary between the anime and manga, but both seem to have a set of bars going from the base of the 3d unit to the inside of the sheaths, in the anime they actually look segmented, to allow them to move up and down,

So if you have the X brace on your back you can actually hang the sheaths from your lower back, and have them hinge off your hips,

just don't look on eBay , i saw some shop trying to sell the two blades and control units (all made from wood and looked so terribad) for $150
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