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Hello folks! I´m glad that there is a thread for the older Final Fantasy games

I´d love to cosplay Edward Chris von Muir from FFIV in the near future (intro version) and I have a question about his instrument. In the intro he has a mandolin and in the game, a harp. I don´t own any of those instruments, but I own a 3/4 size guitar (similar/close color as his mandolin) should I use that as a prop for the cosplay? I thought it´s close enough, but I wonder would people point out to me (if they recognized the character) that I have the "wrong instrument"? Of course elitists and nicky-picky people might, general.

I´m not willing to go and buy a new instrument just for this cosplay, when I have one which is pretty close (neither do I have the skills to make one myself, of whatever material). What do you guys think about this? Should I roll with my own guitar?

Thankful for any answers!

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