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Originally Posted by squeak83uk View Post
the 3D maneuver units vary between the anime and manga, but both seem to have a set of bars going from the base of the 3d unit to the inside of the sheaths, in the anime they actually look segmented, to allow them to move up and down,
I agree with you- Foam board and fiberglass is the way to go, I think, or even corrugated plastic. So much lighter! I've heard good things about stainless steel contact paper, and since the sheathes are just big boxes, that would be very simple to apply and get a nice, sophisticated, uniform metallic finish.

I'm distressed that the gear in the manga and the gear in the show are different, especially since the manga has that nice cheat-sheet with information about the gear all detailed for us! I'll be interested to see the equipment in action here in the next couple of episodes. And also we get to meet the rest of the trainees!
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