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Went to Photoshop World this week. An out-of-town friend came as well. She's a great natural light photographer (way better than me in natural light) but very inexperienced with strobes and off-camera flash. So we had a little lesson on Thursday night on off-camera flash, starting with some very basics and moving up to multiple flashes and action shots.

These are just a couple that I took, my friend did most of the shooting, but I haven't seen her stuff yet.

I put out a little informal casting call on my Facebook page for a model, and Cheryl (Araigne here on coscom) came out in her Viking Warrior Princess armor.

VikingPrincess_20130418_4658.jpg by nathancarter, on Flickr

VikingPrincess_20130418_4611.jpg by nathancarter, on Flickr
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