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So far I have only made original designs for two Silmarillion characters that don't really have a description. I made Vana and Este, intending them to be original designs but decided to name the costumes after the two Valier. I will be making a third Silmarillion inspired costume (Nessa) this coming summer. I do have a couple of characters that I would like to create costumes for in the future. I actually have designs for them but I haven't had the time to make them.

Inspiration: I get a lot of my inspiration from books, films and my own stories that I like to write. One of my original characters that I would like to create one day is actually inspired by Madoka but with a steampunk twist. I love to mesh different genres together to get a really original look. Another one that I want to create is inspired by the wee folk of Ireland. Needless to say I would need a lot of fake leaves :P

Back story: Most of my characters have a back story. It's part of the fun in creating a character! Sometimes my characters meld and evolve into new and different characters in the process, thus creating new and different back stories.

Why: I'm always thinking of new costume designs and most of them fit descriptions for my characters in my stories. I just love how I can get creative. I don't like doing the same thing as everybody else.
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