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Hey ladies-- it's been AGES since I've been around here. Haven't sewn much lately, and certainly no costumes (not since Halloween anyway).

BUT that's about to change. Two weeks from yesterday, my little Bunny is having her 4th birthday party-- a princess tea party!! She's still Snow White obsessed, so I'm going to make her a new Snow White dress. Not a fancy one though-- this will be a cotton jersey play dress.

I'm so excited to set up her tea party. Too bad our house is still trashed. I don't think I'll have time to do much decorating-- I'll be happy if I'm done unpacking by then.

I'll be sure to share my progress on her dress here though.

She wants me to wear my Snow White too. I hope it fits. I'm 15 lbs down from the last time I wore it and it was a little loose then... Oh well, one Snow is enough for the party-- I know I can pull off my Ariel if need be.
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