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2 costumes: which one should I choose?!

Hi, I'm new here. I plan to go to AX for the first time this year, and I want to try cosplaying! Yes, I am a newbie so at first I had no idea who I should cosplay as. I went for Kiki, from Kiki's Delivery Service because the costume looked fairly simple. It was going well up until I found out Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin was being made into an anime (I loved the manga so I was so excited for this), and now I've had a change of heart and want to cosplay Mikasa (she is so cool!) from the anime. The problem is, I already have all of my Kiki costume and props ready...and Mikasa's costume is much too complicated for my skills. I wasn't able to make her jacket and I can't possibly make the gear. I was thinking if I was to cosplay Mikasa, I'll just buy a jacket that has a similar color to hers and sew on the embroidery stuff, and wear everything else and go to AX without the gear...but I'm concerned that people will criticize me for not being accurate *rolls eyes*. So, who should I be?

In terms of appearances, I have short hair so I thought I could cosplay either one. Maybe Kiki more because I'm only 155cm and Mikasa is 170cm...!!

Here's my Kiki costume (cat not included yet):

- is pretty much completed/has all the props (I will make the cat later)
- is ALMOST exact (I don't have orange flats)
- good to keep cool in the summer for AX
- carrying around props is burdensome
- the petticoat underneath the dress is sooo itchy
- wearing heels and having to walk for hours...
- costume is too simple, character does not stand out/is not unique or popular so may end up meeting another kiki cosplayer
- would be a bit strange to wear in public outside AX

Here's my incomplete Mikasa costume (I photoshopped the boots and suspenders(will buy both later), black things around the hips (forgot to wear them in the picture), emblems on the jacket (I will sew on later), my bangs (I'll get hair extension and trim for that, no wigs for me!):

- character is unique and may be popular? (and I love her character)
- uniforms look good (it's not too crazy so I can walk outside of AX without too many stares)
- boots are much more comfortable to walk around in
- no props to carry around so I can hold my bags and take pictures with my camera
- jacket + jeans + boots + long-sleeved shirt + scarf = super hot in the summer
- no props, so it's incomplete?
- not accurate: jacket design is totally different, belt straps on legs and chest are thinner than the anime, suspenders will be different, not tall enough...
- may receive a backlash of criticism

So which one should I cosplay this year? And are people really critical if your costume is not exact? Is my costume WAY too inaccurate? I know both of my costumes are not going to be 100% exact because I like to edit the costume to look more modern and casual like you could picture it in real life.

I wish I could make a poll would be a lot easier, but I don't know how to make one yet..
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