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Two weeks ago my mom told me like the day before the exterminator people were supposed to be at our house that the house had to be cleaned up. She claims she told me the week before when she probably only told my brother and she doesn't seem to be able to tell that we're 2 different people.

Because my brother asked she put it off for a week so "we" could get the house clean.

I cleaned the kitchen, the laundry room, my bathroom and the hallway outside my room.

My mom cleaned her room and bathroom.

My brother like 1/4 cleaned the living room. (I've been wanting to clean it for months but nonono that's pretty much my brother's room so no i cant touch)

My brother was left with the check and he was supposed to deal with them. Today the pest people get to our door and then they call my grandma's house because "nobody's home".

My mom got in an argument with my brother and eventually she had to call my cousin to let the people in. After she got off the phone with him, she starts ripping into me about how I "didn't do any cleaning" and how the cleaning I did wasn't good enough.

Later when my grandma got home (my mom and I were at my grandma's) and my mom told her about everything (including that I "didn't do anything"). My grandma seems to be hellbent on trying to convince my mom to kick my brother and I out because every time house cleaning is brought up and my mom says "THEY never clean" (again with the whole one-entity thing), my grandma suggests kicking us out.

Later grandma asked me in this really fucking condescending voice if I cleaned my room and I said yes (I wanted to say it was one of her business) in a bit of a bitchy voice and she said "how about you try saying things not like a bitch?" and "You're a lot more likeable when you're not a bitch"

sorry for the long post
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