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@ KratosAurion28: Awesome! I love Edward. Honestly, I wouldn't be picky about the instrument. I am just happy to see some old school representation. But that may just be me. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

@ tifaia: Yeah I wonder about that too... We got our ten seconds of fame and then it was back to the shadows with you! :P Seriously though, if we have enough people we could overthrow the gathering. :P Okay maybe that wasn't serious... We just need to start our own. And I agree, we have lots of coordinating to do! ^^;

@ Squall-sama: Welcome!!! I am so glad you decided to post your Locke. I think it's amazing that you were able to throw him together so quickly, especially something as detailed as that! Looking forward to having you join us at Fanime too. Yays! FF6!

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