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Edward Elric cosplay.

So. I've had a sewing machine for years, but I never use it. Today I randomly decided im going to make Edward Elric's red jacket from Fullmetal Alchemist since I have all the materials laying in my closet!
Only problem is...I have no idea where to even start! I know I need a good pattern to start out with, but I cant seem to find any good ones online ( I live in the middle of no where...the only fabric store has NOTHING in terms of good sewing patterns ) .
I could really use some help guys! All your costumes are so kick-ass, if I can make this jacket HALF as good I'll be satisfied!
I also had some other questions if anyone is willing to help.
1) should I line the inside? If so with what? The same type of fabric? Does anything go between the layers?
2) i've noticed sometimes when I see "in progress" pictures there is some type of almost transparent paper being sewed into the seams? What in the world is that stuff and is it necessary?
3) should I wash my fabric before I start cutting and sewing?

Also I THINK the fabric im working with is a poly cotton blend
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