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Ive gotta vent because I have never hated a situation and/or person in my entire life. This is going to be a long story, so grab a chair, some popcorn and enjoy.

One of my house mates is a complete and utter slob. And I'm not saying I'm better in respect to my own living space (i.e my room), but when it comes to a COMMUNAL living space, I'm ALWAYS sure to clean up after myself and not to leave a mess. The first, and foremost biggest issue I noticed moving into this place, was that he was a complete and utter slob whenever his dad left back to his home overseas. The first few months, there were dishes piled up between him and his girlfriend, the trash was usually piled high and about overflowing until he decided it was time to pack the garbage up and throw it in the bin (that is, not unless someone else got fed up and did it for him). This is all coupled by the fact that he probably had the munchies, as he is an AVID pot smoker and drinker, and often eats a ton of microwaveable foods (from what I can tell). The pot smoking issue was so bad that I've stuffed the vent in my room to make sure I don't wake up hotboxed the next morning as I'm going to work.

Then there was the start of a nasty argument which turned out into a full out yelling contest between him and his girlfriend one weekend. Suffice to say, a few holes in the wall and other broken things later, the weekend was extremely awkward for me. Half the time, it was a pain in the ass to go to the kitchen when the kettle pot that was their relationship at the time, could go off without a seconds notice. I didn't eat much that weekend, because the arguments were pretty much every 30 minutes or less, and usually in the vicinity of the kitchen.

Shortly after this, and going into the Christmas season, his father came home and things started getting cleaner (for once). I was happy in that it no longer felt dirty just walking downstairs, and I could use the kitchen more freely in that I didn't have to care much for grime as well as the fact that there was now space to place my food on the counter without it being a bloody mess. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stick around long because of the Christmas holiday, and so going back to my hometown to visit family and friends meant the cleanliness wasn't as long lived and enjoyed. I came back after the holidays, and had found out that the two broke up (sad to see anyone break up, but in all fairness, that relationship was a train wreck waiting to happen). According to my other housemate (there are two of us renting rooms on the top floor of this two story house I should mention), the break up was extremely terrible. Screaming outside at midnight, crying, a lot of name calling and call outs, and a vivid display of all this in front of the parents to boot. To keep things impersonal, they finally split - but not long after his girlfriend called him out on his slob and lazy tendencies, such as not putting an effort into getting a job or taking so long to finish his apprenticeship-type-education.

His parents apparently put him straight and re-evaluated his life, including changing his career path and going back to school for something else, along with doing other things. I had hoped, in all my foolishness, that perhaps a slap from reality would at least fix some of his issues (i.e drinking/weed etc), but much to my chagrin, this was not the case. Shortly after his dad left in early February, I noticed he didn't seem to be going back to school despite enrolling in the 2nd term in early January. I've not confront this with him, as I at this point have real little care about his personal life as his life style bothers me, but I've not seen his car leave the front drive way at any time during the day (not to mention, having been sick once or twice and noticing he has stayed at home doing nothing at all whenever I have stayed home).

One improvement however, and perhaps this a result of him not having his girlfriend around and thus, an extra mouth to feed, but the kitchen for the most part, has been a lot cleaner and more tolerable to be in. But that's about it.

Lately, and on par with what I mentioned before, he just stays at home and watches movies all day and has friends over. This place, despite his own fathers rules (which I imagine, should apply to him as well), states that this place shouldn't be a daily hangout for friends out of respect for all the tenants. But I don't mind it all too much, but it doesn't help the image that he does nothing. Furthermore, and what does piss me off about this, is that he often streams movies all day with his friends and hogs all the bandwidth - we've already upgraded the net up here, which is pretty darn fast if I do say so myself, but it doesn't matter. I can even play any of my online games anymore because of him, so I'm stuck doing other things in my spare time after my 8 hours at work. It's been especially bad in the last few weeks, in that I swear I've seen him lagging the net right up until the peek hours of the morning (I stay up on weekends sometimes to catch up on some animu with my brother over skype).

What really topped it off, however, was this past weekend. I was up with my bro on skype watching some animu (as I mentioned above), when all of a sudden my brother asks me "what's that noise?" I take off the headphones, and I can hear the piano downstairs playing around 1:00 am. Rude, since the other housemate has work early morning at the hospital the following morning (like at 6:00 I believe). I ignore it, just rolling my eyes, because he's probably drunk and out of his alcohlism, is inadvertently being inconsiderate without noticing. A few minutes later, I see the car drive out (and I assume he's not drinking and thus being a dick earlier, unless he's insane and driving after having drunk a few beers) and feel a bit relieved knowing that it's back to being a little quiet. But oh how was I wrong ...

Around 2:00, or maybe a bit earlier, I hear the door open and I immediately here several people walk in. The number of people grow more and more, and before I know it, there are several people yapping loudly and walking downstairs into the basement to smoke it up, drink and party loud. I can hear loud and obnoxious girls yapping and gossiping, a guy or two laughing pretty loudly and doing other shit. You know, it'd have been REAL nice if he at least TOLD us he was going to party at his place, at the very least, keeping in mind that one of us works SHIFT work every other week at the hospital (that's the nature of his job), and that very morning, he'd be up and out to go to work. Furthermore, I'm gone every other weekend almost to visit family, friends and the puppy back home, so he could have easily just waited for a weekend where I was gone and he was working night shifts - but no. He didn't. He just up and had a party 'till 7:00 am. Yes, up that late. Fucking marvelous. Doesn't even consider the fact that several of my dishes were used by his buds, which I really don't appreciate.

So that about sums it up nicely. I'm omitting several other factors, such as the fact that Ive sworn some of my food has been taken from the fridge at times, or that hes swapped my laundry days inconveniently - but they're just too minor and numerous to bother trying to remember em all. In all honesty, I thought about leaving but I've only got 4 more months before I leave this place, finish my co-op and go back to uni for my last and final year of schooling in my entire life (6 years of undergrad engineering+business degree and coop). I honestly want to leave here though, and somehow just fuck him over big time somehow. I honestly do. I'm thinking I should just leave a huge letter explaining to his dad why he's fucking shit up; I'm sure he'll beat some sense into him (hopefully literally through the back of his head several dozen times with a good number of whacks) especially because I'm sure he's not going to school despite having switched his career path at his dad's expense no doubt.

And to note; we have confronted him on this shit before (such as cleaning, as well as the partying more recently).
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