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Arg "not helping" is understating

I AM DONE with helping her. For a convention going on last weekend I had a group plan for the event. I made both mine and another friend cosplay and there is a last member who wanted to make it on her own. I understand it is a first cosplay and all but I felt like she wasn't trying at ALL. and relied on me too heavily. Coming up with excuses like my family wont let me do anything or I got no craft skills. For one, honey you are what in your twenties now, and has been out of the house for years now, this is a college campus there are tons of sewing classes available, you just rather be lazy and hang around on fb all day. I know I must sound harsh but I'm a firm believer if you really want to learn you will learn it! Cause my parents were 100% against me when I work on cosplay stuff but I fought it and learn skills till know through mistakes and research. There was no one to guide me when I first started so seriously be grateful there is someone to guide you. The more I hang out with this girl the more I realized how two face she is. Money is not the issue here but the dedication amount. The weekend where she finally wanted to work was the weekend I had to work on my final portfolio (the thing that determined if I get into the program of choice). Obviously this is more important than her cosplay. Cosplay takes time and I know for a fact this girl does not understand this. And I am sick and tired of hearing stuff like that. The main reason why I am posting this is after the convention she went on the forums and posted that the reason why she didn't finish the cosplay was because she got LITTLE TO NO HELP. I can't believe how someone can even say that. I was the one who modify the pattern and help cut it out. I even gave her instructions she lives 3 flight of stairs down if she had problems she could of ask. To say that just makes me want to punch a wall out of frustration. I'm sorry that you don't understand cosplay take times and I'm sorry that you are always playing victim. And I am done with you.
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