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"I stopped eating white things...anything refined from a box, or a can, or a bag."

"I stopped eating white things...anything refined from a box, or a can, or a bag."

That's a line that I heard from a very skinny, model-esque drag queen named Willam Belli during a radio interview after he was eliminated from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4.

Here is the video interview [Adult Language]

No one can deny that he has a bangin' body, either as a boy or a girl. But his statement confused me.

- If you don't eat anything white, is that the basic idea of anything that has a white form (bread, rice, milk, yogurt, etc.) or is it just the white variant of that item? Meaning whole grain wheat bread is okay, brown rice/wild rice/red rice, etc is okay?

- If you don't eat anything from a bag, can, or box, what do you eat? Where can you buy things that aren't in a convenience package of some type? Or is that a very exaggerated and definitive way to say that he eats only organic products that are made with fully natural ingredients sold at a natural foods grocer?

- If you don't eat anything refined, do you use any kind of sugar in anything? Is organic sugar okay? Are sugar replacements okay? (stevia, splenda, honey, agave nectar, etc.)

Other things I don't understand about diet

- Where do you get bread and baked goods that don't contain lots of sugar or refined items? From a local bakery?
- How do you eat out with friends? Only get a salad?
- How do you deal with the frustration of realizing how much NASTY, artificial ingredients are in 80% of the stuff that's on shelves

Can anyone give me some educated guidance on this? I'd love to have a bangin body and the exercise isn't really a problem because I know how to push myself. I just looooooove eating. Food is so goooooood....and I really like chocolate and soda.

Thanks everyone! I hope this turns into a good discussion!
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