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Hey guys, I hope its ok to ask this here

Im about to start a modern dance class in a few months and I had a couple of questions about binders

Ive always wanted to get a binder, just to wear around, because by breasts are a little on the big side and have a smaller waist so its hard to find Bras that fit me well, and I like to have them tamed a little bit, but now since im going to start dancing again I have the perfect excuse to get one, itll be my first one so I will be getting the velcro kind

1.) Are T-Kingdom binders effective for support while dancing/playing sports?

2.) I know there are health risks for using ace bandages, but are there health risks for using Brest binders for sports?

3.) I have exercise induced asthma, can anyone tell me what its like to wear a binder with asthma, if it makes attacks worse, or triggers them more often?
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