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I'm between Jon Snow and Jamie Lannister right now. I'm thinking I might have to bump this to next year because I'm not willing to compromise on materials and I've already spent $300 on my other costume. Jon's cloak is what makes it and I was in the market for dead animals once and remember how much they cost, and I'm pretty sure a knee-length leather jacket would still take two full hides for me.

If I can find a cheap dead animal (or maybe one I already have around would work, I have a coat with some dead raccoons all over it that I've been meaning to do something with or get rid of), I could do this one, but that cloak still looks like at least four yards of wool, probably more like 6-8.

I love the King's Guard armor in the show on its own, but I'm making pauldrons alone right now and would want to see how that goes first before committing to all that.

I also considered Joffrey for the lulz and because I could make this fairly easily , but that fabric. I know they make fabric just for the show and my ability to compromise is seriously underdeveloped and I should really work on that.

Not fair that my friends picked the two of the few costumes that can be reasonably accomplished with cheaper materials. *shakefist* They'd be doing Daenerys and Drogo (in the case of the latter, just fewer materials in general and I feel like he could get away with pleather for the pants if he had to since they're not the focus of the costume). I'll be helping them so if they do theirs this year I'll post pictures of them at least.

Edit: Decided on Jon Snow because I remember that I live in a place where it's almost May and we just got sleet again. So by the time I finish this I'm sure I'll be able to go outside and make snow angels and get some pictures featuring our tragic weather.
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