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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
A friend of mine did an amazing performance last year where she did five different concept Wonder Woman costumes in less than 45 seconds - each layer was an instant easy peel-away that she was able to undo and swish elegantly off her body while doing a twirl across the stage until she got down to hipster!WW in jeans and a t-shirt at the bottom layer.
Apologies for briefly going off topic - but HOLY CRAP that sounds amazing!! Is there a video of this by any chance?

Regarding the OP's question: CapsuleCorp and Empress of Squee gave some great advice. They're right - reveals definitely go over well with masquerade audiences and can add sizzle to a performance. The main thing that came to mind when I saw your question was this:

IMO they totally nail it - they managed to do it in an artful, visually interesting way (note the super-colourful ninjas and backdrop!), the costume was something that was layered (and therefore came off easily), and the overall 'flow' made sense and added up to a really cool end result.

Here's another example from the same group:

Good luck! Quick change is definitely something you don't see very often in masquerades, so this could be really neat
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