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I live with 4 other roommates, let's call them china guy, female roommate, jerk and my boyfriend. About 3 months ago China guy let us know he needs to get a work visa by April or he won't be able to stay in the US. We helped him look but no luck. 2 months ago, we realized if we lose China guy we won't be able to afford the house we rent. So we started looking into moving. Jerk roommate talked with us and let us know that if all else failed he would rent out the extra room and we wouldn't have to move.

Even Jerk roommate was excited, he'd get a bedroom and an office. He has a good paying job so he can afford it. We stopped looking for new places to live. Now China roommate only has a month left. He's confirmed he's returning to China. We're good right? Oh... god no.

Jerk roommate decided he was going to look at houses and sign a lease. He facebook messaged my boyfriend and I to say "Oh btw guys I'm moving out in 3 weeks haaa..." So with 2 people moving out we cannot afford the house at all. We aren't able to find a new place, get accepted (credit wise), move and clean the old house in 3 weeks. It's impossible. Best part, Jerk roommate didn't bother telling female roommate. She is medicated for depression and anxiety so he didn't want to deal with it. I let her know as soon as I could.

After panicking everyone decided to stay in the house until May and cover his missing a**. So now I have a rent charge for this upcoming month that's going to cost me a little over $1,000 to cover China guy and Jerk roommate. All right before Fanime. Lovely. I am a very angry short mexican and I will continue to be that way until I find a new apartment and move.
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