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I used to wear my 101st Airborne jump jacket around, and I always got a favorable response. Once, I was at a McDonalds and an 80 something year old guy came up who was IN the 101st in WWII came up and talked to me for a bit, and said it was like a blast from the past. There was another con where I wore a dress uniform (the ONE time it fit me) with the pea cutter, and we went out to eat, and two older ladies looked like they were having flashbacks. Another time, I wore it to a memorial day celebration at a military cemetary where they do the timeline and actually had a WWII vet thank me for wearing it that day. I've had a lot of good reactions to it. But yeah...doing so in a uniform that ISN'T American (or one of our allies) would probably get some pretty negative responses.
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