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It would be so much fun, I'd really gotten into the idea after friends had suggested it - but the fabric is doing a great job of not being found. I found something I'd be willing to compromise on at my usual place, but they only had 1.5 yards left and I figured I'd need more like 4-5 yards (and it's on clearance, so it's probably never going to be seen again). I have some ideas as to taking a suitable velvet, doing burn-outs, and painting the exposed backing, but having already committed to making chainmail for a different costume this summer, I don't quite have the time.

I've found a LOT of black wool on sale, though, so I'm going to go crazy with swatches and hopefully they label them when they send them to me and hopefully at least a few of them aren't crap. It would cut the fabric cost in half, that would be pretty great.

My mom is the opposite of my anal-retentive crazy (I don't really know how, she's the one that freeze-framed movies to make our Halloween costumes when we were kids) and wants to make an Arya costume. I see either wolf plushies or a lot of squinting people asking "who are you supposed to be ?" in our future. :P
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