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Setsu Kirian
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Looking for photographer May 24-27 fanime - SanJose,CA

fanime line up:
Thursday: zombie police stocking( panty and stocking)
Friday: traditional seeu
Saturday: dead master
Sunday: daughter of evil (vocaloid)
Monday: undecided

if you are interested please include:
What days you are interested in scheduling a photoshoot
What time would be best for you
If you have any preferred locations (Such as indoor/outdoor fountains, at the convention, somewhere else, etc.)

feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like to shoot with me
preferably would like a free photographer
i went to ANIME EXPO
Day 1 : Mugi Listen Ver. from K-on
day 2 : Genderbend Ace from one piece
day 3 : Mayu from AKB0048
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