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Size of contact- Blue for Bioshock Infinite

Hi everyone! Im planning on cosplaying Elizabeth from the new Bioshock Infinite and have decided to try using contacts all day. I have a pair of blue contacts but they aren't the collor I want.

I've worn contacts before, mostly the Crazy Contact and Wild Contact kind from Downtown LA ((Never hurt my eyes before so cheers.))Heres a comparison, left is without and right is with
White out

All black

And the current blue I have.

These are the ones Im planning on getting, or want to atleast. My question is I've never actually looked into the size of my contacts and what not...Its never been a problem but now that it needs a certain size, I don't know what to do! If you can make a guess as to what size are the ones Im wearing above, that would be SO HELPFUL GOD. Even a darker color for her perhaps?

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