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I think the ones that you have on right now are 14.2mm.

Usually the width of a person's iris is around 14mm so the ones you are looking at would cover an extra mm around your eye. In my opinon contacts that are 14.8mm and up are specifically made in order to give you that anime/doll look to your eyes. I am not sure who the character is that you are cosplaying but I would go for something that is 14.5mm or less so you can avoid looking "cute" and "anime like".

The ones I have are the Dolly Eye Lenses in Blue. You can see them here:
They are 14.2 mm so they allow your eyes to breath more than a contact lens that's 14.5mm or higher.

Though as Boreotheria said above, get your eyes checked out first by an eye doctor. You only have one set of eyes so why risk it?
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