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Making glasses?

I'm making glasses for my cosplay and I bought plexiglass and a plastic cutter and it did not work. I kept trying to cut through the stuff and it would not work. I even googled and the cutter I bought was theone everyone was using. I tried razor blades, scissors, xacto knives. I can't afford a hand saw or normal saw or anything expensive to make them and I have no other way to make them besides with cardboard and I need to be able to see out of them. They're a huge part of knowing the character. I'm so limited to what I can buy but I can't seem to find any other option to cut the plastic into the shapes I need. :/

The cutter I have...I don't remember the name but it has a red handle and a pivoted edge and says on the package it'll cut the type of plexiglass I bought.
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