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Originally Posted by kuko-chan View Post
Really? I'd think the Saturday shoot would be the one getting the most people, thus taking up the most time and space. I'm actually kinda reconsidering attending the Friday/Sunday shoot since it's so far from the main buildings.

Also, security? Is there really that much of a concern? Did something happen in previous shoots?
Hey there! We got the TTC2 for the Saturday shoot and it is the biggest area, so we'll definitely have lots of space. For the Friday and Saturday shoot (DT3), it was the only area we could get for two hours.

To answer the question of security, yes it is a concern. I don't think it's anything to do with a photoshoot in particular, it's the fandom. The Homestuck fandom is usually portrayed in a very bad light and we wanted to make sure that EVERYONE would be safe, from both physical and verbal attacks. Since we are such a big fandom, the people running this shoot can't always have their eyes and ears everywhere to look out for things so we decided to request someone to come over and keep an eye out for anything. Also, there were a few people who might come over and try to cause trouble. Better safe than sorry in my opinion!
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