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Originally Posted by WolvenDragon View Post
As for the comfort issue, you can buy flats since you seem willing to spend some money (having to buy things for Mikasa) if it's a big concern.
I have tried looking for orange flats, I really did. The problem is that I have size 4 feet. It is very hard to find any shoes in a size 4 that is not kid shoes. And especially with flats, most of them won't hug my heels so when I walk, my heel pops out. And I would rather not purchase it online, because I need to be able to try it on so I don't go through the hassle of sending it back to the seller. If it gets too uncomfortable I'll just walk barefoot I guess... but I would rather not buy shoes that do not fit me for just one occasion.

Originally Posted by Ose_93 View Post
To be honest, I haven't actually seen anyone go as Kiki before. I'm sure someone has gone to AX like that, but I just didn't notice them.

I agree that you should invest in some red flats. They shouldn't be too pricy and your feet will thank you. C:
if it's not noticeable at all...hmm makes me concerned it isn't a very unique character to cosplay

Thanks again for the comments everyone! I'll go as Kiki for now.
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