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@siyrean, have fun.

I feel like for a lot of these costumes the goal is that it "reads" well, instead of necessarily being exact.

@GlassCannon, what you've done looks really amazing. It's the kind of thing where even if it's not exactly the same, I bet people come up to you and say it looks perfect.

The creativity, effort, and care put into the costumes on the show is beyond ridiculous. I really love that and one of the reasons I want to try my hand at doing a passable costume from it.

The artistry on even these "raggedy" pieces is amazing check out this picture :

On the "skirt" detail piece you can see that at the top there's a hunk of leather that's been cut into lace-size cords and has had the brown material woven into it horizontally (not sure if the white horizontal parts are just those turning or not - makes sense that the top was more carefully woven to avoid that).

If the stuff on the top that's dark brown is the consistency of leather lacing, the white being something more like strips of buckskin which would account for it being so tight and flat (in comparison to if you tried to weave two things as thick as the brown seems to be) - it looks like something like buckskin used on the bottom waistband and cut/woven part, too (buckskin is really thin and springy). You can even see hand-work done on the edges so that it doesn't come apart - it looks like the brown is run back and forth multiple times and tied-off on the side when it runs out.

There's a similar blue-ish top that looks woolier, but with the same white strips going vertically (and the stripes look like they're done decoratively over the top with flatly-arranged (could even be woven strips) strands of something like thread).

If you wanted to, I think weaving something like that is obtainable even if it's really way more than you have to do to get people to immediately recognise it. Though I'd sure "invisibly" line that thing with some fabric that wouldn't be bumpy and rough. I have a jacket with horse hair canvas (that I didn't make) and it's ungodly poke-y (the jacket is like over 100 years old so it has an excuse for canvas wearing through enough to become a weapon), it's like little spikes needling at you. Just saying so that if anyone tries it, fair warning. It also warps a ridiculous amount when wet (I've used it in jackets that I've made), which is great to shape stuff, but not so much if you want to clean it.

I wouldn't go with braiding the whole top, I think it would end up really bulky, although it could work for the neck-band part (hers looks like a bunch of laces held together with wraps around them and then braided, but I didn't really see a picture without her hair in the way and we only have the show on Blu Ray and I don't have a player on this computer :P).

@TehKittah94, I responded in your Prop forum thread, I think.
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