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@Jono: welome back! And sorry I didn't see ya Saturday--my friend and I got pulled all over the place for videos and pictures since it turns out my Ice Queen and her Pinkie Pie were pretty popular 0.0 By the time we actually got inside, we just had enough time for Sam's (Catbug!) autograph...and then we got interviewed for the Travel Channel... and then we had to rush upstairs for the AT panel @.@

@Tulipe: Skrull invasion needs to be done *crosses fingers*

And other than sewing the panel which will will cover the back belt closure, my Jedi belt is DONE! I'm so frickin' proud of this thing--learning how to do leather-work for Boushh really did come in handy! (Even though I broke a nail with the rivets *ouch*) I'm also waiting for my leather pouch to arrive

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