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Cosplay Chess and Dating Game Applications are OPEN!

Hello Coscom-goers! We're still putting word out on social media and the ANext website, but we figured we'd find the usual suspects here to announce that the official AnimeNext 2013 Game Show applications are open!

We love seeing familiar faces as much as we love giving newbies their debut, so please don't hesitate to put in an application! Remember to include photos of your completed costume on a publicly-accessible link (no Facebook links, please - Imgur or other open shares so we can see them!) and to have your current contact info in the application too.

Chess info page and application:
(Theme for 2013: Anime vs. Video Games)

Dating Games info page and application:

We look forward to seeing what you have to bring forth! Questions or concerns? We'll keep our eyes on this thread, but you can always PM me or CommieChris, or email!

Have a great time at AnimeNext and good luck with your cosplay creations!

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