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Name of Merchant: Arda Wigs

Item purchased (please include quantity): Jareth in Silver, Lulu in Midnight Blue, Magnum in Grape, Jeannie in Spanish Brown, and Le Tigre Long in Teal.
Links to picture(s) of your received item: Not the best, but here. Top three are my boyfriend's, but we ordered them together.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Our order was half backorders so we had to wait before it got sent out. We ordered them on March 19th (I made a review earlier for another order) and got them on April 17th. However, our order shipped out on the 9th.

Pros: 4/5 of the wigs are super soft and really thick~ Good thing, cause most of them will have heavy styling. The colors are really nice as well and the blends look really cool, the stock photos on the site don't do them justice.
Cons: I know it doesn't look like it in the picture (I took it after combing, detangling and conditioner), but the Tigre Long was completely tangled in the bag (yet my long ponytail clip was fine and barely tangled after being taken out and worn) and looked terrible taking it out of the bag despite being careful taking it out and had so many loose fibers that came out and were in the bag before I even touched it. Had to give it alot of TLC already and it's never been worn. :/ I've cut almost a foot and a half of the wig recently while styling it and it's become much more manageable though.
EDIT: Forgot one more comment. Arda doesn't mention it in the Tigre Long's description so I'm not sure if I got an odd wig or something, but the front of the wig has very frizzy fibers from the skin top to the base. Similar to the top of wigs that don't have a skintop? I don't know, it looks kinda odd to me and they can be seen under the top fibers, but I'll be wearing a hat for the cosplay anyway.

Comments: My first Arda order, would buy from them again but maybe not another long wig (if it were to be worn right out of the bag). I have an ebay wig that's the same length, and hasn't needed as much maintenance.

Final Grade: A+ for the rest of the wigs, but A- for that Tigre Long.
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