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I'd feel to lazy to type up a regular post on my phone. xP

Yeah. Because it seemed like the future team's morals were a bit twisted? But that was kind of unclear. Because I don't think they really established what was happening. o_o

Oh, I think that her and Miss America are two different characters. I think Gillen wasn't even aware that there was already a Miss America in the Marvel universe. And, I know! They are. :C

I think the less I know about the movie, the more I'll enjoy it. So, I'll try to keep myself in the dark about it for as long as possible. I feel that, sometimes, they release too much content, and certain things just aren't a surprise anymore. A lot of television channels do this, too. >_<

Hopefully, they won't end up changing Iron Mans like they change Hulks. xD; Even some kind of cameo would be really neat! And a Skrull-invasion would be really cool, too. Maybe with some Kree in the mix? Mar-Vell, maybe? Which could possibly lead to Ms. Marvel?

As for the Young Avengers #8, apparently a lot of the costume changes you see are their multiverse versions. There's an article on CBR about it: The faded bits with the white background appear to be our team, and the more colorful parts look like the multiverse versions. So, weird haircut Billy seems to be from a different universe. XD I really hope we get to see the universe with armor-Loki. That outfit looks sweet! I want to see the whole thing.

@Ayaasan: Ah, you deserve to be proud. It looks amazing!^^

EDIT: Ugh, it seems my apartment # was omitted and they're going to send my package with the jacket back to the seller, and it looks like I'll have to pay for shipping again. x_x; For some reason, my Apt # was listed on Paypal (yet it was confirmed). I didn't have this problem before.

But why send it back? Our names are listed inside of our mailboxes. Policy, I guess? But to send it all the way back to VA? ;_;

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